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Danial Anz
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Daniel Anz, born in 1984, lives in Waco, Texas. As a child, he drew prolifically and played with watercolors as well. A local instructor offered classes in oils when he was seventeen and from then on oils became his medium of choice.

He chose not to pursue formal art schooling but received mentorship from several acclaimed artists over the years, including Bruce Greene, Martin Grelle and Matt Smith. He travels and paints throughout most of the western states. His main body of work concentrates on Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. His award winning work has been shown in Bosque Art Classic as well as other shows  


"There is unending variety in the American southwest landscapes. Seeking to capture the elusive light effects, color and open air of these landscapes is both challenging and rewarding. All my pieces have a story behind them and I truly love the opportunity to share those stories with others through my art.” 


Today Daniel lives in Waco, Texas with his wife and four children where he practices his art and crafts wood products in the shop next to his home. 

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