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Archiving & Appraisals


Grapevine Archiving is the general term we use for the process of preserving and protecting the value of personal art collections. Many have used this service in estate planning. 


Services include appraisals, cataloging, digital inventorying and private, confidential off site storage.


Contact Clay Speer at 405-830-2057 or email us at


How does it work? The term “Archiving” is being used as an umbrella term for everything that is involved in the process. Grapevine Archiving will be a service that will take place in stages. First, we will come to your home where your collection is permanently. Bringing a collection to us would be far more trouble than anyone would willing to do. Once we arrive, we will meet with you and take a photographing record of your collection. After this stage is complete, we will get to work at our place to do price research, cataloguing, formatting, create inventory numbers and compile room by room documentation as well as a summary list of your collection. Not only will we provide a copy for the client but we will also store an additional private and confidential copy locked up at The Grapevine as well. Hopefully the additional copy will never be needed, but in case of a catastrophic event, your investment would still be safe.


Why would I need to have this done? There are several reasons to properly document you art collection, however we will only discuss a few on this page. Protecting the value of your collection is one very good reason to have your collection archived. Knowing exactly what your investment in art is worth is necessary in case a collector was interested in donating a piece, estate planning, resale or insurance needs. As the weather has been harsh in Oklahoma recently, the need to protect your investment has clearly become a point for interest for many collectors.


How much is it? There are several ways to strategically complete your goal of archiving your collection. The basic hourly rate to properly complete the process will be $100 an hour. After recently archiving the office at The Grapevine, that figure worked out to roughly $18 a piece from start to finish. A few options would be to go ahead and do the whole collection at once or in stages. We would be happy to discuss whatever plan would work best for you and your budget.


We have a sample of what an Archived Collection would look like. Compared to other local and non local services, the cost of Archiving a single piece would be about the same price as Archiving an entire room with us. So the questions of, Why do I need to do this? How much is it going to be? Why do I need to have this done now and not later? Is it in my budget right now or can I afford it? The answer is you can’t afford not to. With Oklahoma's recent tornado and hail storms we have had, the smart move is to be proactive in protecting your investment.


The Grapevine Gallery is excited to help our collectors gain the piece of mind associated with having your passion for investing in art protected.

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