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Dan Sprick
James Kramer, Old Wagon at Rociada
Sander, Rams Back
Sander, Rams in Snow
Mark Daily
Michael Foster
Matt Smith
Joseph Bohler
Michael Foster
Tony Angel
Jerry Fritzler
Jimmy Dyer
Tim Cherry
Dan Telleen
Dan Sprick
Morris Ripple
Mark Daily
Dan Sprick
Dan Gerhartz
Dan Telleen

The Grapevine Gallery

Oklahoma’s Leader in Fine Art Since 1974

Now Leading Online

(405-830-2057 or 405-528-3739)



Updated 9/25/2023

The Grapevine Gallery 48 Years of Fine Art

2023 Drunch Show October 28 - 30


We will be adding several new pieces to the website over the next few weeks, stay tuned for updates. Thanks, 

































Please call or text us at 405-830-2057 or email us at


Grapevine Gallery Location:



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