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Jack Rabbit Under Bush
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Looking Up
Coyote Scratching
Prairie Falcon
Bobcat at Rest
Hidden Entrance
San Geronimo
Coyote Series
Wolf Series
Sunset Chapel
Howling Coyote
Roz Roembke Hurley
Howling Coyote Series
Roz Roembke Hurley
Prairie Dog
Jackrabbit Series
Roz Roembke Hurley
Red Tail
Owl Series
Roz Roembke Hurley
Roz Roembke Hurley
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Updated 11/9/2021

The Grapevine Gallery 47 Years of Fine Art

2021 Grapevine Gallery Fall Schedule of Events

             We are proud to announce and invite everyone to our Annual Winter festival Virtual Show for November. We will tie this show into the events happening respective to art in OKC. Our virtual show will be November 11th - 13th. Stay tuned and check in often as new work will be featured on our website for you to collect and enjoy. The works discussed and featured through the week of Thanksgiving. 

Featured Artists: Dan Sprick, Roz Hurley, Leon Loughridge and the late Sheridan Oman. We have made arrangements to have video art talks with Dan, Roz and Leon respectively about their work and what is going on with them. We are super excited to share these with you during our Show. 


Congratulations to Grapevine Gallery Artist and new Prix de West Art Show Artist, Denise LaRue Mahlke! She will be showing her buttery soft pastel paintings in OKC this June with other elite artists. 




All Shows will go live at:

3PM CST the day of their broadcast. 

November 11th - Art talk with Leon Loughridge, Wood Block Reduction Prints, come learn about the importance of "enjoying and trusting the process"

Video Link for Leon's show:

November 12th, 2021 - Art talk with Roz Hurley. A discussion about her work as an author of The Biography of her husband, Wilson Hurley as well as her work and journey as an artist. 

Video Link for Roz's show:







November 13th - Art talk with Dan Sprick, Oil Painting 

In this incredibly insightful interview/ Art Talk, Dan shares some amazing insight into how he captures the beauty of our world and how he makes it more of an interesting experience to remember. Dan talks with Clay over dinner how he creates his unique work for us all to enjoy. 

Video Link for Dan's show:



We miss each and everyone of our artists and collectors, we will resume live shows in 2022, we are staying virtual out of an abundance of caution at this time. 

2022 Schedule, Dates TBA at this time, more shows being planned, once dates and additional shows are confirmed with the artists, we will post that information here. 

April - Tony Hochstetler

June - Annual Drunch Show

November - Annual Winter Festival 


Please call or text us at 405-830-2057 or email us at


Grapevine Gallery Location:

200 N. University, Norman, Ok. 73069